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To Karen

Passion, directed at a human being, is non-discussable. The more reason you put on it, the sillier it gets.

I could put it in simpler terms, but then I could be accused of dismissing passion as something easy, short and to the point.

So what's left is just a garbled, short lived expression of a feeling that's neither true to your heart, your reason and even less to the analysis of others.

"It is a fact for me that the world is punctuated, limited and, at the same time, inspired by your existence. However flawed are the limits of your human form, I have no doubts now that all the beautiful discoveries of humankind were made in the image of your timeless soul. I cannot take that I'm being fooled by all the niceties I see in you, you can only be a goddess, there's no uncertainty about this."

I wrote this and, in a way, I think I may be living in the wrong century.

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