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January 12 2010


Rage Against the Machine themselves are a Sony act, just like Joe. So the idea that a blow has been struck against capitalist culture is faintly ridiculous.


What the Facebook campaign was really raging against was not the machine but mainstream popular taste, which is cuter and more saccharine than either they or I would like. But whoever won the number one slot, the X Factor remains a juggernaut because the broad public are behind it.


January 05 2010


To Karen

Passion, directed at a human being, is non-discussable. The more reason you put on it, the sillier it gets.

I could put it in simpler terms, but then I could be accused of dismissing passion as something easy, short and to the point.

So what's left is just a garbled, short lived expression of a feeling that's neither true to your heart, your reason and even less to the analysis of others.

"It is a fact for me that the world is punctuated, limited and, at the same time, inspired by your existence. However flawed are the limits of your human form, I have no doubts now that all the beautiful discoveries of humankind were made in the image of your timeless soul. I cannot take that I'm being fooled by all the niceties I see in you, you can only be a goddess, there's no uncertainty about this."

I wrote this and, in a way, I think I may be living in the wrong century.



That we might hop, like the aliens in the film Independence Day, from one planet to another, consuming their resources then moving on, is considered by these people a more realistic and desirable prospect than changing the way in which we measure wealth.

So how do we break this system? How do we pursue happiness and wellbeing rather than growth? I came back from the Copenhagen climate talks depressed for several reasons, but above all because, listening to the discussions at the citizens' summit, it struck me that we no longer have movements; we have thousands of people each clamouring to have their own visions adopted. We might come together for occasional rallies and marches, but as soon as we start discussing alternatives, solidarity is shattered by possessive individualism. Consumerism has changed all of us. Our challenge is now to fight a system we have internalised.

January 03 2010


New year's eve

  I had a stomachache, and a headache. No one in the house shared my lack of enthusiasm of being in the house emotionally alone and in pain, so I went out for reasons only grey and hopeless people may truly know.

It was minutes before new year, and the sky was already filled with noisy, monochromatic explosionthings. You know the ones that make those coloured flower-showers that you see on Disneyland? Not these ones, no.

The park is a short walk from home. People gather there to get drunk and hold each other, and also to shoot bombs in the air, now I discovered. There were two kinds of shades of people, as I only went near enough to see shades of them against some weird smoke, the still ones and the moving ones.

The still ones were mostly families wasting their children's eardrums and imagination by making them see bad fireworks. The moving ones were drunk, and shooting bad fireworks.

As the new year finally came, they just went bonkers. My hopes of sparkly colourful fire-in-the-sky were dashed only 15 seconds in the new year, when nothing different ever came to light the sky, if not those bomb things that just boom without a single hint of green or red, just yellow, pale yellow, and then more yellow. 

One of the things, fired most certainly by some drunk bastard on a hill, almost hit me, making me note not to stay at lower ground at these events. It was just new year's eve, but I could swear for one moment that germans were firing artillery at me, and the whole thing was a live-action Call of Duty campaign

Sad and with my ear tinning, I went back home, fed my dog and imagined about the meaning of life. By then I was convinced it was not about getting rich or killing your evil enemies. It was even less so about fireworks.

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"I feel like ordinary people are excluded from political power." -- Letter to Jimmy Carter, 1979, "Crisis of Confidence" Speech

December 27 2009


C functions may be used recursively; that is, a function may call itself either directly or indirectly. Uninquiring souls may take this as just another peculiarity of those C folk, of whose ways their neighbours speak little to outsiders but much among themselves.

Keener news-followers, however, wondered at the events of the winter of 1927-28, the abnormally large number of calls placed upon the stack, the swiftness with which that list was sorted, the disturbing lack of heap allocation throughout the proceedings, and the secrecy surrounding the affair.

— Kernighan & Ritchie & Lovecraft: The C Programming Language: 4.10
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December 25 2009

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I've Discovered Something Amazing!
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December 24 2009


December 23 2009

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Você ouviu a voz dos que nasceram livres?

É como nada pudesse tocá-los. A voz refinada e doce. O mundo uma grande oportunidade.

O planeta se curva aos que nasceram livres. Livres eles são para ter problemas. Livres escolhem o que falam, o que querem ouvir.

Livres se prendem, livres se livram das próprias correntes. Vivem o que sonham e sonham o que outros vivem.

Livres são para serem livres.

December 20 2009


December 18 2009


How to make sad songs out of happy ones

1.Play your happy song on a music player with some kind of speed shifting function (I used mplayer)

2.Turn down the speed.

3. :(

December 16 2009


December 12 2009


# angdif.py menor diferença entre dois ângulos de 0 até 2pi.


from math import pi

def angDif(a,b):
     if a > b + pi:
          return a-2*pi
     elif b - pi > a:
          return pi*2-b +a
          return a-b
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